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Record-breaking pace: Retailers stock up on Bitcoin without delay.

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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The “shrimp” accumulates Bitcoin as fast as it can pace in historyData from Glassnode shows.

the bitcoin Accumulation

According to the lead on-series analyst In the Glassnode on “shrimp” string data provider, who They are entities that own less than one bitcoin (BTC), add 28,000 bitcoins per month, the fastest in the network’s history.

the development amid stalled BTC prices. After anxiety drops on April 19th recovery last The week was excellent, a net positive for merchants and owners.

despite of general trust of price Expansions in Next sessions, BTC has failed to break above $30,000 and $31,000, respectively.

On April 26, prices rose to retest $30,000 but failed to break the April 2023 highs. This line represents the immediate liquidation line that capped the bullish momentum.

As it marks recent highs in the first half of 2023, buyers should break this level for trend continuation. according on Rolling post, BTC may float to over $32,000 in Coming days of Highly anticipated halving in 2024.

backlog of “Prawn” coins, mostly retail holders, are known for their holdings and depth of Title spread, denotes their confidence in BTC prospects.

like of April 28 over 44 million unique Addresses less than 1 BTC. Meanwhile, there are 888,000 addresses held between 1 and 10 BTC.

While there could be a file real the possibility that one holder May control multiple addresses, Glassnode classifies any transaction that does not collect their UTXO as a single “entity” for Easy direction finding.

These “entities” can be classified accordingly on the number of coins held at any time, leading to improve visualization of BTC ownership.

Onchain transactions rising Bitcoin has expanded by 50% as of mid-March

Note note, Glassnode analyst It is noticed that the shrimp accumulates even more coins during price contractions This is an indication of confidence as currency holders usually tend to liquidate whenever there are concerns of future price contractions

backlog also coincide with the number of onTransaction chain. Glassnode data shows This is like of Apr 29, 426,337.14 transactions, based on on seven days moving On average, it was recorded on bitcoin networka record high.

Bitcoin prices are up nearly 50% since mid-March as a tailwind was provided by a more The Fed is hawkish. Center bank Interest rates rose despite the banking crisis in United States, driving bitcoin prices higher.

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