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Regulatory-Compliant Tornado Cash Dev Launch with Encoder Mixer Integration

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Former Tornado Cash developer Amin Soleimani now developed a new Mixing service called privacy pools to process a critical flaw of Sanctioned crypto mixer.

In cryptocurrencies, privacy is the main concern for many users. One solution to this issue Services that have been mixed allow Users to anonymize their transactions by mixing them with other users’ transactions.

One such service that has gained popularity in Recent years are Tornado Cash. However, it does have some drawbacks. the critical one is that users can not prove They are not related with a criminal project laundering or steal money. that it former Dave Amin Soleimani is now offering privacy groups to address these issues.

What are privacy pools?

Soleimani asserts that privacy aggregators will fix issues with encoder mixer. the novel Mixer is used zero- Proof of Knowledge (ZK) that enables its users to prove that their withdrawals are not part of illegal transactions.

With privacy pools, ethereum (ETH), the second- The largest cryptocurrency, which can be sent and received anonymously using an offer of the new Coin mixing tool.

However, unlike Tornado Cash, it enables customers to prove their compliance with Local laws while protecting anonymity when conducting onTransaction chain.

“for me goal Is to have a privacy tool that I can use as a US citizen. This has always been me goal- He was goal when we were made Tornado Cash in the first place. “

Ex Tornado Cash developer Amin Soleimani

However, Soleimani warned that development It is an unaudited trial piece of code f group still works for fix some insects.

In the year 2022, US authorities have banned local citizens from using Tornado Cash. The authorities resorted to this to stop North Korean piracy group Lazarus from using the site for money laundering stolen money. The US Treasury claimed that Tornado Cash was crucial in laundering more of $7 billion.

(embed) https://www.youtubecom/watch? v = oc7yxaWcwLU (/embed)

Privacy pool public demo goes live

View private pools version He is currently available online.

Privacy pools contain already I gained some attention in community cryptocurrency with Many users are eager to try it out out. Soleimani is optimistic about project’s future And hopes to continue to improve it.

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