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Revealing Sub-Nuclear Plan for Australia: US and Allies Eye China

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The United States, Australia and Britain unveiled the details on Monday of Plan to supply Australia with Nuclear powered attack Submarines from the early 2030s.

The agreement under the AUKUS Partnership for 2021 aims to counter China’s ambitions in Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Giving a speech at a ceremony at the US Naval Base on Monday in San Diego, accompanied by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, US President Joe Biden described the deal as a shared commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region. region with two of America’s most powerful and capable allies.

Sunak called it “A powerful partnership “adding” with respect to first Ever mean three fleets of Submarines work together across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to keep our oceans free… for decades to come.”

Under the deal, which was welcomed by its Asian allies on Tuesday but angered Beijing, the United States intends to sell Australia three nuclear-powered submarines of the US Virginia class, which are built by General Dynamics, in early 30s, with a option for Australia to buy two more A joint statement if necessary.

He said multi-stage project will culminate with British and Australian production and operation of a new Submarine class – SSN-AUKUS – A “triple”. developedList ship on Britain next-generation design It can happen built in Britain and Australia, includingcutting edge” we technologies.

Britain will take over of that it first SSN-AUKUS submarine in Late 2030, Australia will have first in Early 40s. ships will be built by BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.

We AUKUS agreement confirm here in San Diego represents the largest single investment in Australia defense possibility in our historyand promote Australia national Security and stability in Our region Albanese said at the ceremony.

Aucus will be first The time when Washington participated in the nuclear push technology since i did it with Britain in fifties.

Biden stressed that the submarines will be powered by nuclear power and not armed with nuclear weapons: “These boats will not have nuclear weapons.” of what kind on He said.

But the deal comes with Eye watering bill for Australia with the cost can go up to A$368 billion ($245 billion) by 2055.

Albanese defended the spending, saying it was “an economic plan, not an economic plan.” just a defense and security plan.

investment in the security of the nation

He said he expected AUKUS to do that result in 6 billion Australian dollars invested in Australia’s industrial capacity over the next Four years and the creation of about 20,000 direct jobs over the next 30- He said that it will require financing of about 0.15%. of gross domestic product for each year.

Australia defense ministerRichard Marlies said it was an investment in the security of the nation.

“It’s an investment we can’t afford not to make,” Marlies told A.J news conference in Canberra.

China has condemned the American University of Kosovo as an illegal act of Nuclear proliferation. The plan “poses serious proliferation risks, undermines international non-proliferation regime, fuels arms races and harms peace and stability. mission to the United Nations in Tweet after announcement.

Asked if he was concerned that China would see the AUKUS submarine deal as aggression, Biden replied, “No.” He said he expected to speak to Chinese leader Xi Jinping soonbut he did not say when.

we national Security consultant Jake Sullivan noted on Friday in Beijing military Including nuclear powered submarines, he said: “We have communicated with Them about AUKUS and sought more information them about their intentions. “

Australia briefed China on Australian Defense Minister Richard Marlis said the submarine deal.

In launching the partnership, Australia also France was bothered by the deal’s sudden cancellation buy Traditional French submarines.

The agreement will see the deployment of US and British submarines in Western Australia soon from 2027 to help Training Australian crews and strengthening deterrence. US officials said this would include four US submarines one British in few years.

this first phase of The plan is already Underway with US Virginia is nuclear powered attack Asheville Submarine visits Perth in Western Australia, officials said.

Big questions

American helper secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, said Daniel Kreitenbrink in a media In a briefing on Tuesday that the US has notified its partners in Southeast Asia around the AUKUS plan, including in Indonesia and Malaysia, last week “to explain clearly what AUKUS is and what AUKUS is not.”

a senior we official The opposite of the rising threats between the Indo-Pacific, AUKUS said, is not just From China toward self-governing Taiwan and in The disputed South China Sea, however also From Russia, which conducted joint exercises with China and North Korea as well.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry welcomed the deal, saying it would help combat “authoritarian expansion” in the region.

He added, “Cooperation between the three parties will enhance deterrence capabilities of democracy countries in Indian and Pacific Oceans region And help “We maintain regional peace and stability,” the statement added. in a permit.

Albanese contacted Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Tuesday for viewing on release, with Foreign Ministry Kishida said the agreement “will contribute to regional peace and stability, and Japan has consistently supported this initiative.” in a permit.

Big questions remain About AUKUS, not least over strict US restrictions on Widely technology Sharing is required for the project and about how Delivering the submarines will take a long time, even as the threat posed by China mounts.

in reflection of stretched US production capacity, a second senior we official Reuters: “Very likely.” one or two of Virginia-class submarines sold to Australia were ships that were in American Service, something that requires congressional approval.

Analysts said that China is growing power and threats to take over Taiwan force If necessary, it was necessary to move on second platform of AUKUS, which involves hypersonic and other weapons that can be deployed more quickly.

British and Australian officials said this month work Still need to break down bureaucratic barriers to technology sharing and monday announcement This is not covered second platform.

the second we official He said that Australia would contribute to promoting the production of American and British submarines and maintenance capacity.

He said Washington was looking into “double- A billion numbers in Its submarine industrial base on summit of $4.6 billion already committed for 2023-29 and the Australian contribution is less than 15% of the total.

Britain that left European Union in 2020 says AUKUS wants help strengthen it economy’slow growth rate. Sunak said the university “has links with our closest allies and provides security, new technology The economic advantage in home. “

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