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Revealing the Countries to Receive Gas Through Turkey’s Pipeline

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Moscow, March 5 – Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran, as well as LNG exporters, including Algeria, Qatar, the United States and other countries, could become gas suppliers through the center in Turkey, Yevgenia Popova, an analyst at Vygon Consulting, said in a comment. To the News Agency.
For the first time, the issue of establishing a Turkish gas center was discussed in October last year. Then – two weeks after the explosions at the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines at the bottom of the Baltic Sea – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the missing volume of Russian gas transportation could be transferred to the Black Sea region. He referred to the opportunity to create a gas hub in Turkey, which could become a platform for supplies to other countries, primarily to Europe, as well as to set gas prices that have risen several times since 2021 – to historical records.
Turkey reacted positively to the proposal to establish a gas center, and the leaders of the two countries instructed the relevant departments to start the relevant work. However, Europe received the proposal without enthusiasm. Western media reported that the establishment of the infrastructure to import more Russian gas “does not make sense”, and reminded the European Commission that the European Union is seeking quickly to reduce dependence on gas from Russia.
The Turkish gas hub is likely to become “a kind of gas distribution center”, primarily for pipeline supplies to southern and southeastern European countries, according to the agency’s hubs. The analyst adds that it can also become a “new point” for creating an electronic trading platform, and the new price index can become a regional standard.
Popova believes that “gas suppliers could be the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan in the future and other LNG suppliers (Algeria, Qatar, the United States, etc.)”.
However, a significant increase in Russian supplies, even with the creation of a new naval infrastructure from Russia to Turkey, without expanding the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline (it passes through the territories of Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine) and the construction of internal links within Europe is unlikely to be, As the agency hubs points out.
The target market is the countries of southern and southeastern Europe, but in the short term it is unlikely that supplies will increase significantly, according to analysts.

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