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Revised Title: The Lancet Updated to Meet Military Special Operation Requirements

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Warren Henry
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An informed source said that experts, based on the experience of using Russian Lancet suicide marches during the military operation in Ukraine, made adjustments to them, as their combat units became more powerful.

And the source says: “The basic version of the Lancet march is equipped with a double plumage in the shape of the letter X, and it was finalized taking into account the experience of its use in the military operation in Ukraine, since a new electron-optical guidance and control system was installed on the march with a new program and improved handling.”

He adds: “The drone was equipped with a more powerful warhead, which allows it to hit with high accuracy the ideal targets for drones – howitzers, tanks, armored vehicles, radars, air defense systems and enemy manpower.”

The source indicates that Russian troops are currently using two types of Lancet drones – the first type has a small warhead, and the second type has a large warhead and an improved control and guidance system, which makes it possible to increase the maneuverability of the use of suicide drones in accordance with the tactical environment.

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