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Revolutionary Cancer Cure: Scientists Develop Implantable Device to Treat Cancer in 60 Days

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Scientists Developing Implantable Device to Cure Cancer in 60 Days

A team of scientists is working on a groundbreaking device that can be implanted into the body to potentially cure various types of cancer within just 60 days. Led by Rice University in Houston, Texas, a seven-state team has developed a 76mm diameter implantable device that serves as both a cancer detection tool and a drug delivery system.

The HAMMR Device

The implantable device, called HAMMR (Hybrid Advanced Molecular Manufacturing Regulator), is equipped with sensors that monitor rapidly mutating cancer cells and adjust the release of immunotherapy drugs based on the patient’s response. This feedback therapy approach, similar to the treatment of diabetes with glucose monitors and insulin pumps, is considered revolutionary for cancer immunotherapy.

Improving Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that aims to boost the body’s immune system to fight cancer naturally. The HAMMR device has the potential to improve immunotherapy outcomes for hard-to-treat cancers such as ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Scientists believe it could reduce cancer deaths in the United States by 50%.

Real-time Monitoring and Faster Response

The HAMMR device can be implanted into the abdominal cavity through a simple procedure. It continuously monitors the patient’s cancer and adjusts immunotherapy drug doses in real time. This allows doctors to respond to any changes in the cancer much faster than the current system of waiting for test results and developing a new treatment plan, which can take months.

Future Clinical Trials

The team recently received funding to conduct a phase I clinical trial of implantation of the HAMMR device for the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer. They hope to test the device in humans within the next five years, with the goal of curing a patient’s cancer within 60 days.

Source: Daily Mail

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