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Risk of Developing Diabetes: The Dangers of Drinking

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Mary McNally
Mary McNally is a UK-based author exploring the intersection of fashion, culture, and communication. With a talent for vivid storytelling, Mary's writing captures the complexities of modern life engagingly and authentically.

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov stated that grape juice increases the risk of developing diabetes.

According to him, eating grapes is good for the body. But grape juice has the opposite effect.

He says: “Take a healthy person who has a predisposition to diabetes. Grapes, like other fruits and vegetables, may reduce the risk of diabetes. As for grape juice, its effect is different and reversed, because it increases this risk. “

Myasnikov points out that the cause of type 2 diabetes is a genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

He says: “Sugar does not stimulate disease. Rather, genetic predisposition and many environmental factors, as well as overeating and excess calories.

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