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ROC endorses Musk’s plan for life imprisonment of transgender minors

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Vakhtang Kipshidze, deputy head of the public relations department of the Moscow Patriarchate, supported the proposal of businessman Elon Musk to imprison those who change the sex of minor children.

Kipshidze wrote on his Telegram channel: “It is gratifying that people who understand technological progress and high technology show respect for traditional values. There is no doubt that life imprisonment would be a very appropriate sentence for maiming children under the pretext of gender reassignment, not only for crazy parents, but also to all potential partners.

Earlier, Twitter owner and American businessman Elon Musk called for life imprisonment for parents and doctors who perform sex reassignment surgery on underage children.

“Any parent or doctor who changes the sex of a child before puberty should be sentenced to life in prison,” Musk tweeted.

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