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Ronaldo’s Deportation from Saudi Arabia: Legal Action Taken Against His Criminal Offense

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International Law Doctor Nouf Bint Ahmed has announced a petition has been filed with the Saudi prosecutor’s office against what she called Saudi Al-Nasr player Cristiano Ronaldo’s “scandalous act” against Al-Hilal fans.

And a video clip circulated on social media shows Ronaldo making an embarrassing move for Al Hilal fans after his team lost to Al Nasr with two unanswered goals yesterday, Tuesday, in a match presented by Round 25 . Saudi League.

And Nuf bint Ahmed, through her twitter account, reposted the “shameful” video of Ronaldo and wrote: “I do not follow the sports issue, even if the Al-Hilal fans provoked Ronaldo, he failed to respond to them.”

And added: “Ronaldo’s behavior is considered a crime, a public indecent act, and this is one of the crimes requiring arrest and deportation (deportation) if it came from a foreigner, so we will file a petition with the Prosecutor’s Office about this.”

The legal adviser has approached the Committee on Discipline and Ethics in Saudi Arabia, equality and the application of the law to Ronaldo as it was applied to Keita, citing an incident with former Al-Ittihad player Al-Hassan Keita who behaved immorally. hands in addition to spitting at the second assistant referee during the match that brought Al Ameed to the youth in the 2007-2008 season.

At the time, Keita was expelled from the Saudi League and clubs were banned from signing him.

Source: agencies

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