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Ronaldo’s Mother Imposes Strict Measures After Accusations of Witchcraft to Break Up Son’s Relationship with Georgina.

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Maria Dolores Aveiro, mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, has announced that she has filed an urgent legal action after she was accused of using magic and sorcery to separate her son and his partner Georgina.

And the Portuguese media reported that Ronaldo’s mother did not love Georgina and wanted to separate them, and that she resorted to magic and sorcery to achieve this goal.

Aveiro responded to these rumors by issuing a statement through her official Instagram account, describing the black magic news circulating in a Portuguese newspaper as “false” for evil purposes.

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Posted by Maria Dolores (@doloresaveiroofficial)

Ronaldo’s mother added: “I contacted my lawyer to clear my name from my family and what they represent in my life.”

And she added: “A well-known Portuguese newspaper published a news story that thus uses and insults my name to advertise itself with false news, telling about terrible deeds. – intentional and unreasonable.

And she continued, “I will never let an unprofessional source use my name for nothing. I will go to court not only to protect myself and my life, but also to prove that the sources and things I wrote were malicious and completely unfounded.”

She explained, “This news hurts my family and my grandchildren have already read it and listened to criticism from people, and that is why I will not give up until this newspaper proves everything I have written.”

Ronaldo has been in a romantic relationship with model Georgina since 2016 and they have two children, Alana Martinia and Bella Esmeralda.

The latest period has seen Ronaldo and Georgina withdraw from messages suggesting the possibility of their breakup, due to the Portuguese rejection of some of her actions, as the latter responded that those who spread these rumors are a group of hatred and envy. People.

Source: + RT

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