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Ross Cosmos Captures the Beauty of the Voskresenskaya River in a Photo

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Satellite footage from the Russian Foundation Roscosmos showed the melting of the Thwaites Glacier, the “River of Resurrection”, the second largest glacier in Antarctica.

The pictures show how the glacier is melting due to warm currents coming from within.

In previous reports, researchers have seen that warm water formed balcony-like structures at the base of the ice shelf. In these areas, in addition to cracks, melting occurred faster than expected.

The results of an interdisciplinary study of the two studies were published in the journal Nature this week.

In addition, Russian climatologist Alexei Kokorin, in previous statements to Novosti, spoke about the melting of the West Antarctica (Antarctica) glacier system, including the Thwaites Glacier. It will raise the level of the World Ocean by three meters already in the 22nd century. “Of course, in the 22nd century, the melting of ice shelves in West Antarctica, and there are a lot of them, can raise the level of the world sea by three meters.”

The expert believes that under the worst-case scenario, ocean level rise in the 22nd century could reach five meters under the influence of “all factors”, including human influence and thermal expansion of water.

Source: News, Sputnik

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