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Russia and China to Strengthen Technological Cooperation: Ambassador’s Statement

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Beijing, March 4 – Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov said in an interview with China Central Television that today Russia and China are facing difficulties in terms of access to advanced Western technologies, and under these conditions the two countries can actively cooperate in the scientific and technological field.
“China’s development creates good opportunities for investment partnerships between our two countries. We welcome the growth of Chinese investment in Russia. We note that today’s Russian businessmen are also very carefully looking for investment opportunities in the Chinese economy,” Morgulov said.
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken - 1920, 02/03/2023

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He also drew attention to “the opportunities that China’s economic growth creates for our scientific and technological cooperation.”
“The access of our two countries to advanced Western technologies is difficult today. And it seems that under these conditions, Russia and China can actively cooperate in this field, including exchanging knowledge and technologies, promoting joint development. Serious positions in the world in several advanced directions: Big data, artificial intelligence and much more. There are many developments in Russian scientists as well. So there are great prospects for us here, “said the ambassador.
He noted, “The development of the People’s Republic of China, of course, creates new opportunities for Russia, just as the development of Russia creates the same opportunities for China. In short, this is a mutually beneficial process in which the economies of the People’s Republic of China are two countries that effectively complement each other.”
“In addition, we have excellent political relations, so there are no barriers to mutual development. The rise of China is also a very serious factor in international politics. We strive in international relations. Russia is happy to see China as one of the poles of the world, which fully reflects our vision of global development.” .
Flag of the People's Republic of China - 1920, 02/03/2023

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