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Russia experiences surge in Internet prices, says study

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Moscow, April 18 – Spending in the Russian Federation on the Internet in the first quarter compared to the same period last year increased by 6%, reaching 707 rubles per month, while the average bill for communication decreased slightly – over the year it lost 2%, dropping to 641 rubles, and says Study Bank “Russian Standard” for the News Agency.
Statistics have shown that men spend more on mobile communications and the Internet at one time than women. Thus, the average check for a payment for the services of an Internet provider for men in the first quarter of this year amounted to 720 rubles, and for women – 690 rubles. In mobile payments, the difference in favor of men is more noticeable – 732 rubles versus 539 rubles.
The highest average check for using the global network, as it turned out, is among Russians 51-60 years old (775 rubles). In second place are customers aged 41-50 rubles with an index of 726 rubles, in third place are Russians over 60 years old with an average check of 699 rubles. Next are customers 21-30 years old (650 rubles) and 31-40 years old (644 rubles).
In the statistics of mobile payments, customers from 51 to 60 years old are also ahead in terms of the average check with an indicator of 763 rubles. In second place are still Russians aged 41-50 with an average payment of 671 rubles, and in third place are customers over 60 years old with an average check of 650 rubles. Next come Russians aged 31-40 with an index of 628 rubles and customers aged 21-30 with an average check of 407 rubles.
According to analysts, the last line of the rating among the youngest Russians is quite understandable – they are used to communicating in various instant messengers without using additional traffic from classic cell phone calls and SMS messages.
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