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Russia has a responsibility to retaliate against the declared war, according to Lavrov.

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Forest Dalles (Moscow region), May 20 – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that Moscow does not show hostility on its own, but is forced under the current circumstances to respond to a declared war.
Lavrov said, speaking at a meeting of the 31st Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.
“We are obliged to respond firmly, in principle, constantly to the war declared against us. The hostility emanates from the other side of the barricades, the barriers that separate those who want to live with their mind and the interests of their people from those who want to live at the expense of others,” the minister stressed.
T-72B tank of the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army of the Western Military District - 1920, 05/20/2023

The Western Military District highly values ​​the interaction of tanks and artillery during the Northern Military District

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