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Russia has developed a frost-resistant road surface

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Moscow, February 24 – A typical road surface with the addition of plastic, which is resistant to extremely low temperatures, has been developed in Russia, the News Agency told in the press service of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).
“The university team has developed a technology for modifying asphalt concrete mixture based on high-pressure plastic, which consists of municipal solid waste – bags, packages, etc. Composite materials are able to withstand the effects of extremely low temperatures, traffic loads, operation in winter, and in these The case, defects are not formed on the surface of the roads, ”adding that scientists from the Perm National Research Polytechnic Institute are involved in the development.
It is noted that the uniqueness of the new coating lies in its durability and resistance to cracking, as well as in reducing the negative impact on the environment.
According to the creators, the cost of a ton of material will be 4.5-6 thousand rubles, depending on the inert materials used. At the same time, the development is currently in the prototype stage.
“In 2023 we plan to create a small innovative project and obtain a patent. It is also necessary to equip the test laboratory with equipment for conducting comparative studies,” said Kirill Tyoryukhanov, project manager. He added that the new materials may be of interest to relevant departments involved in road maintenance and repair, as well as contractors in the road construction industry.

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