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Russia Responds to Sweden’s Cultural Ties Cut

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Zurich, April 20 – The Russian Embassy in Stockholm said that the decision of the Swedish authorities to sever cultural ties with Russia is politically motivated, stressing that it is impossible to cancel Russian culture.
Thus, the diplomatic mission commented on the statement of the Minister of Culture in the Kingdom, Parisa Lillistrand, who announced plans to leave the vacancy of the cultural advisor of the Swedish Embassy in Moscow vacant after the end of the service contract for the current employee in Moscow. August this year. Lillgestrand cited a lack of job opportunities in Moscow and Russia “due to local conditions and the situation in the world” as the reasons for this decision.
Serbian director and actor Emir Kusturica - 1920, 04/06/2023

Kusturica said that Russia’s culture will never be abolished

“Parisa Lillistrand is clearly disingenuous, as she deliberately used false accents in an attempt to shift responsibility for the remaining vacancy to our country. We recall that Sweden unilaterally stopped cooperation with Russia in the field of culture at the official level back in March 2022.”
The diplomats also noted that at the end of last year, Swedish politicians called for the immediate cessation of all contacts with both Russian and Belarusian state structures, and for depriving Swedish cultural figures of the right to make independent decisions.
As emphasized in the statement, the Russian side does not intend to “become like Swedish politicians and punish ordinary Swedish citizens who are true admirers and true connoisseurs of Russian culture and art.” The text read: “The doors of the Russian embassy are always open for friends of our country. It is impossible to cancel Russia with its culture, which is known all over the world! Citizens.”
Finnish border guards on the Russian-Finnish border - 1920, 04/05/2022

It was not enough to abolish Russian culture. It’s time to rob her

The diplomatic mission believes that some of the advisers of the Swedish embassy may have nothing to do with the development of bilateral cultural relations, and that their duties consist in direct intervention in Russia’s internal affairs and the promotion of “neoliberal” values.
“As it happened, for example, last year when the diplomatic staff of the Swedish Embassy in Moscow tried to donate books promoting cruelty, homosexuality and the use of psychotropic substances to the Vologda Regional Children’s Library Fund. Such a“ cultural exchange ”will definitely not work with us!” Russian diplomats noted.
Russian Center for Science and Culture in Helsinki - 1920, 04/19/2023

In Helsinki, the arrest was removed from the building of the Russian Center for Science and Culture

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