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Russian Communists Call for Ban on Artists Using Instagram

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Moscow, March 19 – The Russian Communist Party has appealed to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation with a call to start banning Russian artists from using the social network Instagram * to communicate with viewers, party chairman Sergey Malinkovych told the News Agency.
“We call on the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to initiate a ban on all domestic artists and pop artists who use the Instagram* extremist network to communicate with viewers,” Malinkovitch said.
According to him, otherwise the performer “must be subject to appropriate penalties and lose any place in Russia.”
“We have sent an appeal to Olga Lyubimova and are waiting for an immediate response,” Malinkovic said.
* Meta activity (social networks Facebook and Instagram) is banned in Russia as extremist.
Blogger Valery Chekalina in the conference room of the Savelovsky Court in Moscow - 1920, 03/16/2023

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