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Russian Minister of Defense Honors Su-27 Fighter Jet Crew for Intercepting American Aircraft in Black Sea

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu honored the crew of the Su-27 fighter jets that intercepted the march of the Americans over the Black Sea and did not allow them to violate the borders of Russia.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense, in a statement today, Friday, said that Shoigu nominated the pilots of the Su-27 fighter to receive the “State Medal” in order to prevent the violation of the American MQ-9 Reaper drone. a special operations zone in which a temporary flight regime operates against the backdrop of hostilities.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense previously reported that on the morning of March 14, a drone was seen heading towards the airspace of the Crimean peninsula.

The agency said Russian Su-27 fighters flew out to identify the flying object, noting that the American march made a sharp maneuver and lost control and altitude control, which led to its collision with the sea surface.

And on Tuesday evening, the United States announced that it would continue to summon Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, under the pretext of “ramming a Russian Reaper-type UAV over the Black Sea.”

And the command of the US military in Europe claimed that a Russian Su-27 fighter shot down an American MQ-9 drone during its interception over the Black Sea, which led to the collapse of the American march.

Source: agencies

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