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Samsung restricts the use of artificial intelligence tools for internal purposes among its workforce.

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Samsung has banned its employees from using popular generative artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT after employees were found to be uploading sensitive code to the platform.

South Korean company Suwon on Monday notified employees at one of its largest divisions of the new policy.

According to the document, the company is concerned that data sent to these AI platforms, including Google Bard and Bing, is stored on external servers, making it difficult to retrieve and delete and could end up being exposed to other users.

Last month, the company conducted a survey on the use of artificial intelligence tools within the company and said that 65% of respondents believe that such services pose a security risk. Earlier in April, Samsung engineers accidentally leaked internal source code by uploading it to ChatGPT.

“Interest in generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT is growing both internally and externally,” said Samsung staff. “

Samsung’s new rules ban the use of generative AI systems on the company’s computers, tablets, and phones, as well as on its internal networks.

These decisions do not affect the company’s devices sold to consumers, such as Android smartphones and Windows laptops.

Samsung has asked employees who use ChatGPT and other tools on personal devices not to submit any company-related information or personal data that could reveal its intellectual property. She warned that violating the new policy could result in expulsion.

Source: Japan Times

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