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Sanatorium Vouchers in High Demand Among Russians

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Moscow, May 17 – The Russian Federation of the Tourism Industry (PCT) said in a statement that Russian tour operators are registering a high demand for spa holidays in Russia, in the spa resorts of the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody, for example, there are almost nowhere left.
“According to tour operators, this year the demand for spa holidays has grown by 30 percent, and objects in the resorts of the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody are in greatest demand. For the summer season until October, there is almost no place left in them, despite a noticeable increase in prices, ”they say. the union.
As noted by RST expert, General Director of Multitour, Yulia Vysokanova, Kavminvod resorts have always been in demand and never suffered from underloading, however, additional factors appeared that increase demand.
“Now there is a demand not only for the treatment that some people need according to indications, but also for general health improvement, self-care. Meanwhile, similar health facilities in Europe are becoming less expensive, given the problems with travel and visas have joined the high prices. Foreign countries are against Russia “.
Elyan company stated that there are no places for sale in the Kafmanfod clinic until October. Moreover, not only has our quota ended, but there are no more free places in the sanatoriums themselves. And this is despite the fact that prices have increased in some by 15-30 percent. “. Oksana Bulakh, whose words are quoted in the letter.
Pollakh believes that the reason is not only the sharply increasing demand of Russians for health improvement, but also the limited number of rooms in resorts. “Like river cruises, sanatoriums have their own permanent audience, which is used to going to the same resort at least once a year and booking their trip in advance. Sanatoriums are the only type of vacation in Russia, unlike beach or excursions, and this year the depth of bookings has increased,” the expert said. .
Kislovodsk sanatoriums are in first place in terms of demand in Kavminvody, notes Vysokanova, but interest in Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk and Essentuki is also growing, mainly due to the emergence of new accommodation facilities. Over the past five years, more than 110 new hotels and sanatoriums with a capacity of almost 5,000 beds have appeared in the resort towns of Kavminvod. According to the information of the Ministry of Tourism and Health Resorts of the Stavropol Territory, which resulted in the RST, the load of sanatoriums in the summer in mid-May is 93.3 percent.
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