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Sappers Excavating Sides of Russian Positions to Prevent DRG Breach

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Luhansk, March 4 – Russian soldiers told RIA that Russian sappers, under the guise of scouts, remove mines from the sides of positions in case of a breakthrough by sabotage and reconnaissance groups, bypassing the line of defense towards the enemy in the LPR.
“In the evening, an order was received from the command to cover one of the sides of our defense line. The engineering division and the armed forces advanced to the front line of defense, and engineering barriers in the form of fragmentation bombs were erected,” the leader with the call sign “beard” told the agency.
He explained that this purpose uses anti-personnel mines. According to the source, the army set up barriers in anticipation of the enemy’s penetration of the DRG.
The intelligence officer told the News Agency that the enemy is 200 meters from the front line.
“Currently, we are organizing cover for mine experts who are installing mine explosive barriers on the paths of approach of a potential enemy,” the paratrooper added.
Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. According to President Vladimir Putin, his ultimate goal is to liberate Donbass and create conditions that guarantee the security of Russia itself.
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