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Saudi Agreement to Resume Relations with Iran a Blow to Israel

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A Jewish newspaper said on Friday evening that the agreement to resume relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is considered a slap in the face of Israel.

The newspaper added that the agreement “could seriously damage efforts to expand the Abraham Accords to include Saudi Arabia, which appears to have become convinced that Israel does not currently have a credible military option against Iran and has decided to calm down and reach an understanding with the Islamic Republic.” “.

Said Itamar Eichner, diplomatic correspondent of the newspaper Yediot Ahronot In its analysis: “The China-brokered agreement signed on Friday by Saudi Arabia and Iran, which effectively reopens the ties that broke off between the two countries in January 2016, is a dramatic move that is an expression of distrust in primarily American leadership, as well as Saudi Arabia. expression of distrust. In the vision of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to isolate Iran. line from Saudi Arabia to Haifa.

He continued, “Meanwhile, the White House announced that the Saudis had briefed the United States on negotiations to resume relations with Iran, but the United States was not directly involved.”

John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said: “The Saudis kept us informed about the conversations they had, just like we keep them informed about our conversations. But we weren’t directly involved.”

Eichner went on to say: “Netanyahu has apparently taken a hit on his efforts because his view of the world is either black or white: either you are on the side of Iran or you are against it. Israel viewed Saudi Arabia as a country in opposition to Iran, and that too was the magic secret of the relationship.” The secret that Israel and Saudi Arabia kept… In the kingdom, they saw Israel as an ally capable of resisting Iran, like an insurance policy, and the entire base for warm relations was built around Tehran.

He continued: “In practice, Saudi Arabia’s decision can be seen as a ‘slap’ in Israel’s face. Israel should be concerned about the possibility that the Saudis have come to the conclusion that Israel does not have a credible military option and would therefore rather try to appease the beast.” Iran and negotiate with him.

And the Israeli correspondent added: “According to a statement released today by Iran, it is expected that its foreign minister and his Saudi counterpart will soon meet, and within two months the embassies will return to the capitals of the two countries … in search of evidence of how much Israel did not expect this agreement today, I had to heed the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, uttered this morning in an address to Italian businessmen at the Ministry of Economy in Rome.

And he continued: “Netanyahu said: My goal is to achieve normalization and peace with Saudi Arabia, and the economic opportunities are clear… to connect the railways of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula through Jordan to the port of Haifa… it only needs to add 200 kilometers of railways to connect a direct oil pipeline from the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean through Israel. This means that we can significantly reduce the energy supplies that Europe needs and bypass the Suez Canal.. I think these are real opportunities.”

And the Israeli analyst believed that “if the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran is actually implemented, it will also be a serious blow to Netanyahu’s efforts to expand the Abraham Accord. Netanyahu presented as his main goal a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia. big prize … he emphasized that if there was an agreement with Saudi Arabia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be resolved.”

Source: newspaper Yediot Ahronot Hebrew

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