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Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation Launches Women’s League with Huge Prizes

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The Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation announced the establishment of Saudi Arabia’s first women’s league, featuring official Saudi clubs with huge financial prizes, in early May next year.

Ahlam Al-Omari, Member of the Board of Directors of the Federation and Chairman of the Women’s Volleyball Committee, confirmed that the league will be a real start for women’s volleyball, which finds great support from the sports leadership and the Board of Directors of the Federation. .

She noted that the huge financial prizes allocated will push clubs to officially register the game in preparation for including women’s volleyball in an upcoming club support strategy.

Al-Omari explained, “The women’s volleyball team finds the support, interest and interest of the President of the Federation (Saudi Volleyball) Dr. Khaled Al-Zoghaibi through the approval of all the programs and activities of the women’s committee and external participation.”

She added: “The league will be a quantum leap for women’s sports in terms of financial prizes and organization.”

Al-Omari urged all clubs to officially register the game on the Ministry of Sports platform as soon as possible no later than April 22 next year so that they can participate in the league.

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