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SEC and Ripple Request Extension for Unrestricted Cross-Border Transactions

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Concerts in ongoing legal battle Between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple over XRP submitted a joint letter requesting a one- Extension of the week, through June 13, 2023, to file publicUncut versions of through their movements for Summary judgment and accompanying exhibits.

The joint letter includes the highly anticipated Hinman materialsadding to the intrigue surrounding the case as both sides prepare their arguments for Decisive legal showdown.

joint request

Statement means that the parties involved in Legal dispute i.e. the SEC and Ripple have filed a joint letter requesting additional time to file public versions of through their movements for summary judgment.

This extension seeks to allow for embedding of Undiminished exhibits, including the Hinman materials. Alhinman materials It may be related information or documents relating to a letter made Written by William Hinman, a former SEC officialThis may have implications for the case.

Extension will save for both parties with more It’s time to present their arguments and evidence in in an undiminished manner before the specified deadline of June 13, 2023.

This is the first Deadline extension request. This action opened the door for additional comments from Twitter communitya lot of Who suggest that settlement talks may be in Business.

Judges rule

before that announcementDistrict Judge Annalisa Torres ruled against US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in They attempt to stamp linked documents with former official William Hinman speech in 2018 on cryptocurrency and securities to Ripple.

The judge stated that the documents, known as “Hinman letter documents”, cannot be sealed because they are considered relevant to the ongoing legal proceedings.

However, Judge Torres did allow for revision of Personal information while ordering Release of Documents for Ripple as part of discovery process. This judgment came earlier decision By Justice of the Peace Sarah Knitburn in January 2022, confirmed need for These documents are to be shared with ripple.

Although there is still some time for Legal Ripple problems To be resolved, it is worth Referring to the latter events Continue to enhance investor confidence with Another 2% increase in XRP price.

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