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Serbia demands clarification from Moldova, accusing it of destabilizing it

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Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic demanded clarification from Moldovan President Maia Sandu, accusing Serbian citizens of being involved in the destabilization of the situation in her country.

A statement released on Monday by the Serbian Foreign Ministry said that Dacic “categorically rejected the statement of Moldovan President Maia Sandu about the possible involvement of Serbian citizens in subversive actions aimed at destabilizing Moldova,” which allegedly relied on Ukrainian information about Russia’s plans.

The statement quoted Dacic as saying: “We call on the Moldovan authorities to promptly provide all the information they have, as we have not yet received any notifications from Moldova.” He explained that there are many examples of fake news in the world, stressing that Serbia “will not allow damage to its reputation and interests.”

He continued: “I instructed our ambassador, accredited in Chisinau, to immediately request clarifications regarding this statement of the President of Moldova from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, and promptly provide us with all the information about the persons suspected of participating in such brutal operations.” He stated that under Serbian law, “any participation of our citizens in armed conflicts abroad is a criminal offence.”

And Moldovan President Maia Sandu previously stated that the Information and Security Service of Moldova has information indicating that there are plans to involve citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro in anti-constitutional actions in her country. It pointed to the need to punish “foreign elements, members of political parties, criminal gangs and all those who defend them” involved in anti-state activities.

Source: TASS

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