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shiba inu facing Heavy sales

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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It could be a shibu inu in In the midst of a huge problem transfers Saw of Sheep Wells just after Voyager also made reports of some sales of meme currency.

the price of A Shiba Inu can take a huge hit if there is too much impact drop in demand for Inventory in near term or mediator term amidst these developments.

Deal alert: Pisces moves 183 billion gray hair

Intelligent money is reportedly a pregnancy investor out Big deal at Shiba Inu few hours Prior to the time of publication, as reported by a onchain data source called Lookonchain. Whale recently transferred 182 billion SHIB to cryptocurrency exchanges and Gemini, which equates to about $2.3 million.

This came after Lookonchain said yesterday that Voyager is selling assets via Coinbase the most of that composed of SHIB codes. Coinbase awarded Voyager $100 million over the last four days. Since February 14, Voyager has been transmitting assets to Coinbase almost daily.

Another big drawback on Gray hair price He is possible If it’s Voyager in fact sell everything of its encrypted holdings. However, the price of Shiba Inu increased by over 1.5% in The previous twenty-four hours, according to CoinMarketCap as of the time of writingwhich indicates that the impact of the developments has not yet been seen on Graying price.

A gray whale can have a huge impact on Graying performance

According to Lookonchain, if these transactions hold onthe price of The meme coin could see downward movements.

This could be related to when the whale moved a similar amount of SHIB to in the pastCausing cost of SHIB to drop by 7% shortly thereafter.

It was about the middle of December 2022 that Pisces made A transaction to a Singapore-based exchange, which involved a transfer of 200 billion chips worth $1.67 million, according to data provided by the blockchain analysis firm. In addition, the price of SHIB stock fell 7% about five hours Follow him move.

According to the smart data source money Bought SHIB at a bargain price price. This is what we witnessed on August 2020, when Anonymous Whale spent just 10 ETH buy A staggering 15.28 trillion SHIB in total amount paid for the property to just $3,796.

After that, he traded SHIB on Uniswap earned 1,967 ETH, which is equivalent to about $7 million. Moreover, the whale began selling the Shiba Inu on Central platforms when listing meme currency on Exchanges such as Binance and

he made Purchases in Gray whenever price He was low and sold his holdings in Gray whenever price It was loud. That’s clever money The investor may have a significant impact on price in near termalthough it is impossible to say so with Absolute confidence that Pisces will really sell their signature pieces.

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