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Sony Partner and Astrar Network for web3 nursery

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Sony Network Communications, a Japanese electronics powerhouse, has it announced that it new web3 nursery program in partnership with Japan’s most popular blockchain, Astar Network.

Sony is getting into web3

Sony is ready to dip her toes in web3 water network as partners with Astar, a popular Japanese blockchain, in its own web3 incubation program. the program will run From mid-March to mid-June to bring in 10-15 startups regardless of their stage.

like of February 17, interested projects can begin Application process. projects that qualify for the program We will get access to direct resources, tech supportAnd financial help.

Moreover, they will have learning sessions with Venture capital firms such as Alchemy Ventures, Dragonfly, and Fenbushi, among others, and tech Workshops. An offline trial day will be held in June at Sony Group headquarters in Tokyo during Japan Blockchain Week.

Most notably, he was founded by Startale Labs, a Singapore-based company Sota WatanabeCEO of Astar Corporation, will help with the program’s organization. The platform develops decentralized infrastructure and applications, and delivers business Multi-chain consulting protocol development.

Platform also Gate for big companies use Astra Network Services. Startale give business strategy And tech support for participating projects.

Watanabe mentioned that the company looks like forward for work with Sony Network Connections in NFTs and web3 sectors. He hopes the knowledge and resources will come from both companies valuable to the chosen one participants And that new use Cases and projects will appear from program.

PlayStation explores NFTs

Sony Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony, recently announced that it plans To rent NFTs for banners and players.

The patent, by Sony, indicates that NFTs could be coming to the PS4 and PS5 soon. branded system threaded with give Offer users to rent NFT that appears like artwork or asset From the famous PS 5 games. In the meantime, they will have access directly by navigating the user interface.

initial deposit for It was innocence on On July 6, 2022, it shows that Sony is working towards NFTs for sometimes. company also Show interest by suggesting PlayStation Stars digital earlier holdings.

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