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Source: Failure of the grain deal could be a disaster for countries in need of food.

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An informed source said that failure to fulfill all the terms of the grain deal could lead to the failure of this mechanism, and this would be a disaster for countries in need of food.

The source stressed in an interview with a Novosti correspondent that all interested parties are working to prevent this from happening.

In response to a question about what the stoppage of the grain deal will lead to, the source added: “It will lead to a complete disaster. There are countries in need of food. There is a need for Russian fertilizers. Therefore, it is necessary to fulfill all the conditions of the agreement. the deal. Difficult, but the work continues.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Vaskov, in an interview with Reuters, indicated that the grain deal expires on March 18, and stressed that Ukraine wants to extend the agreement for at least another year and include more Ukrainian ports in it.

The grain deal, which was signed July 22 by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN in Istanbul, provides for the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizer across the Black Sea from three ports, including Odessa.

The agreement also provides for the liberalization of Russian exports of food and fertilizers, and Moscow has indicated that this is precisely what has not been implemented, while at the same time there have been assurances from the UN that the restrictions will be lifted.

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