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South Korea Faces Complaint from China Over President’s Statement on Taiwan

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On Sunday, China announced that it had filed a complaint with Seoul over “wrong” and “completely unacceptable” remarks by President Yoon Seok Yul about Taiwan.

Beijing and Seoul traded criticism after a Reuters interview with Yong earlier this month in which he called tensions between China and Taiwan an “international issue” similar to North Korea’s, blaming “attempts to change the status quo by force” for the escalation. .”

Beijing considers Taiwan an integral part of its territory, stressing its determination to retake the island, even by force if necessary.

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed a request by Assistant Foreign Minister Sun Weidong to file a complaint with the South Korean ambassador about Yun’s remarks.

Sun told the ambassador that Yong’s remarks were “completely unwelcome” and expressed “deep dissatisfaction,” the ministry said.

China’s announcement comes ahead of Yun’s state visit to the US, Seoul’s main ally, which Beijing accuses of arming Taiwan and encouraging pro-independence politicians.

Sun said the Taiwan issue is the business of “the Chinese people and no power can interfere,” urging Seoul to “adhere to the One China principle and be careful in words and actions related to the Taiwan issue.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin previously criticized Yun’s remarks, pointing to “a well-known fact” that the Taiwan issue is nothing compared to tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The remarks prompted South Korea’s foreign ministry on Thursday to criticize China for what it called “extreme diplomatic ineptitude.”

Tensions across the Taiwan Strait have escalated in recent years, with China holding military exercises earlier this month following Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s visit to the United States.

Source: AFP.

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