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Spotify CEO Teases New AI-Powered Features: Personalized Experiences, Summarized Podcasts, and AI-Generated Ads

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Spotify CEO Teases New AI-Powered Features

During Spotify’s second-quarter earnings call this morning, CEO Daniel Ek discussed the potential for additional AI-powered functionality on the streaming service. Ek mentioned the use of AI to create personalized experiences, summarize podcasts, and generate ads.

AI-Powered DJ Feature

In a recent release, Spotify introduced a DJ feature that combines curated music with AI-powered spoken commentary about preferred tracks and artists. According to Ek, users can expect to see more AI-based features aiming to contextualize and personalize content in the future, making it more accessible to all listeners.

Summarizing Podcasts

One of these upcoming features could involve leveraging generative AI technology to summarize podcast content. This would help consumers explore new shows more easily, which would ultimately lead to increased engagement and growth for creators.

AI-Generated Audio Ads

Another area where AI may prove beneficial is in the creation of AI-generated audio ads. By utilizing generative AI tools, advertisers could develop and test thousands of ad formats across Spotify’s network in a cost-effective manner.

Patent Application Reveals Spotify’s Text-to-Speech Synthesis Plans

Ek’s comments coincide with Spotify’s recently published patent application for an AI-powered “text-to-speech synthesis” system. The technology converts text into human-like speech with emotions, intentions, accents, and various tones. This system expands upon Spotify’s existing DJ feature and opens up possibilities for narrating audiobooks and other applications.

Spotify has been heavily investing in AI voice technology, highlighted by its acquisition of London-based startup Sonantic last year. With Sonantic’s AI engine, Spotify powers its AI DJ feature, offering realistic-sounding human voices from text.

Growth and Revenue Figures

In terms of growth and revenue, Spotify reported a 17% increase in subscribers worldwide with 220 million paid users. The platform now boasts 551 million monthly active users. Revenue for the most recent quarter reached €3.2 billion ($3.5 billion), representing an 11% YoY increase, but Spotify also reported an operating loss of €247 million ($274 million).

Price Hike for Premium Plans

To cover rising costs, Spotify announced a price increase for premium plans. Individual subscriptions will now cost $10.99 per month instead of $9.99, while duo and family plans will see similar adjustments.

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