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State Duma International Department Chief Holds Biden and Zelensky Accountable for Moscow Assault.

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Leonid Slutsky, head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs, said leaders of countries supporting the Ukrainian regime, along with Zelensky and Biden, should be held responsible for the drone attack on the Kremlin.

Slutsky wrote on his channel in the Telegram app: “Under Zelensky, the responsibility for the drone attack on the Kremlin should be borne by his Western masters – US President Biden and the leaders of countries that support the neo-Nazi terrorist regime. in Ukraine.”

The head of the Russian parliament’s foreign affairs committee added that White House statements that the United States is not encouraging Ukraine to strike on Russian territory “seem elastic,” stressing that an international lawsuit against Zelensky should be inevitable and “all legitimate measures must be observed.” “The investigation will be carried out – Russia is a state of law. But today we have no doubts about whose guilt the investigation should prove.”

Earlier Wednesday, the press service of the Russian president reported that Kyiv tried to bombard the residence of President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin at night using drones. Two drones aimed at the Kremlin and were quickly shot down by the Russian army and Russian security forces.

The Kremlin confirmed that President Putin was not in the Kremlin at the time of the attack, emphasizing that Russia considers the attack on the presidential residence a planned terrorist act and an assassination attempt on the head of state.

Source: News + RT

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