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Strategies for Al Ahly to Advance to the Quarter-Finals of the African Champions League

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Mamelody Sundowns, South Africa, have secured their place in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League after a massive 5-2 victory over Al Ahli of Egypt on Saturday in the fourth round of the Group 2 competition.

The Sun Downs took their total to 10 points to top the group, followed by the Sudanese Crescent with 9 points and Al-Ahly in third with 4 points, with the Cameroonian cotton team languishing without points in last place.

With two rounds to go in the group stage, the Sun Downs secured qualification by outperforming Al Ahli in a head-to-head matchup after a 2-2 draw with them in Cairo and then a 5-2 win over them in South Africa. .

On the other hand, the Cameroon Cotton Club lost all their chances of qualifying, so the competition was limited to a second qualifying card for the second group between Al Ahly and Al Hilal.

Al-Ahli Qualification Scenarios

Al Ahli need to win their remaining two matches against Al Qatan away and Al Hilal in Cairo and score 10 points.

Al-Ahly will then wait for a gift from the Sun Downs by beating Al-Hilal in Sudan to qualify.

Should Al Hilal draw against the Sun Downs, Al Ahly would need to win by two goals in the last round against the Sudanese team to excel in head-to-head matches.

Al-Hilal’s victory over the Sun Downs would mean Al-Ahly’s hopes of an official qualification would evaporate, and any failure by Al-Ahly to Al-Qattan or Al-Hilal would mean the Red Genie would also be out of the game. qualifying race.

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