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Students return to school in Opposition-held Syria after the earthquakes

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students in Head northwestern Syria, which is controlled by the opposition back To school on On Saturday, three weeks after two major earthquakes in The Turkish province of Kahramanmaras was devastated region.

Many schools have been converted into temporary shelters after the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes hit Turkey and neighboring parts. of Syria on February 6 and at least 50,000 are killed people.

earthquake left hundreds of thousands of people homeless in the areaa lot of Who was he already They were displaced by 12-year- a long war. Because of that conflict, the opposition took control area he have also She struggled to receive much needed humanitarian aid.

Many students are absent from their classes on Saturday like homes Abdel Kafi Al-Hamdo, a citizen journalist, said that the earthquake affected and their families are now staying far from schools. in opposition region.

Some of the students were worried about being inside building And it was on edge Whenever they hear a sound Like moving the office. Many students experience extreme fear and anxiety. They are still in Al-Hamdo said over the phone while visiting a school.

that official with Education department in The regionZiyad al-Omar said that 39 teachers and 421 students were killed in the earthquake. he added About 250 schools sustained damage, including 203 that were partially damaged destroyed And 46 has cracks on Although the structures were still standing.

Over the past Few days displaced people They were told to leave the schools, and many moved into shelters live in tents. But the prices of Tents were launched up Shortage and sale for About $200 or four times Above pre-earthquake prices. Solid tent with Metal stands can cost up to $400, in a region where more than 90% of the population spirits in Poverty and dependence on helps for Food and medicine.

Education officials in Idlib, which is controlled by the opposition last two hours on Saturday and Sunday will be used for student training on how To evacuate buildings during earthquakes.

One of Those who lost a home in Quake Aisha residents of City of Atarib in Aleppo countryside who I had to evacuate her home to live in tent. She told the Associated Press that she was offered temporary shelter extended family of 13 people It had to be evacuated because the organizers said schools were about to resume, and the yard – where the tents were set up – He had to be evacuated.

“They gave us tent in school. Then they said the students had to go back and started evacuating usShe said, just gave it to me first name like Most women in the conservative area.

I own big familyhired Aisha A small house on the edge of Atarib, four days after they moved there, prof new An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 struck on Monday. “the house, thank God it didn’t collapse, but the walls have cracks. The roof remains in placeshe said.

Since then, and family he have set up tent in the street out of afraid of more aftershocks

According to the opposition Syrian Civil Defense, also Known as the White Helmets, the earthquake killed 2,274 people And hurt more from 12400 in opposition region. earthquake also destroyed 550 buildings and severely damaged at least 1,570 other buildings.

Syrian Observatory for The human rights group said 6,720 were killed in Syria, including 2,234 in Regime control areas and 4526 in Mainly opposition-controlled areas in north- Western Syria.

the total death fees of The earthquake is estimated to exceed 50,000 people in Turkey and Syria – with the vast majority of Death cases in Turkey.

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