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Sudanese Army Denies Attacks on Civilians in Mayo Region: Debunking Misleading Allegations

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Statement from Sudanese Army Denying Attacks on Civilians in Mayo Region

The Sudanese army has refuted reports of attacks on civilians in the Mayo region, located south of the capital city Khartoum. The army considers these allegations to be misleading and false.

The army’s official statement addressed the claims made by rebel militia media, stating, “Today, as per usual, the rebel militia media spread misleading and false information, alleging that the armed forces have launched an attack targeting civilians in the Mayo region.”

The army further emphasized that it is unthinkable for them to direct fire towards their own people. They highlighted the atrocities committed by the rebel militia and their external mercenaries, including systematic killings, property theft, sabotaging service facilities, and targeting innocent citizens across different regions of Sudan.

The army clarified that their strikes are conducted against insurgent concentrations, crowds, installations, and bases as legitimate military targets. They assure that they adhere to international humanitarian law and rules of engagement, acting as a professional army that prioritizes the safety of innocent civilians.

According to the Southern Belt Emergency Department, the airstrike in the Mayo region resulted in the death of twenty-three people and multiple injuries.

Source: RT

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