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Super-rich losing interest in cryptocurrency, says Goldman Sachs

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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According to a recent Goldman Sachs survey of family offices, the majority of Of them, 62% are not interested in investment in Cryptocurrency – up from 39% in 2021.

However, the survey also found that 26% of family offices currently invest in encryption, which is important growth from 16% in the previous year.

investment strategies of Filthy rich

Goldman Sachs recently released its 2023 Family Office Investing Insights Report, which highlights that many institutions family office Investors do not hold on cash. instead of, for the next 12 months,”risk-onAnd planning to increase the allocation to public And private stock while also adding some fixed- Exposure to income to benefit from it of higher rate opportunities.

The survey was conducted between January 17 and February 23, 2023 for the second An investment insights report for Goldman Sachs’ family office, “Eyes on Horizon ”, covering 166 institutions family offices with At least $500 million in net worth – 93% – and 72% own at least $ 1 billion.

Scan goes on To find out roughly half of the private Investment companies that participated plan to increase their exposure to public Stock with 41% are looking to increase their allowance for private justice. Mina Flynn, co-head of global private wealth management, thatfamily offices for The biggest part, really.risk-on” for the next 12 Months.”

cash or cash Equivalents prevail

Goldman Sachs report also found that – that, on average 12% of family office Conservatives are currently in cash or cash equations, which is higher From other institutional investors websites. more than a third of respondents plan to decrease they cash distribution over the next year.

With the flexibility to invest across risk Domain, family The offices have maintained a largely consistent approach more Strong allotments in their pursuit of higher returns,” Mina Flynn, Partner, head of Global Private Wealth Management, co.

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