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Surprise… Zidane has signed a contract with the Formula 1 team

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Former France legend Zinedine Zidane has revealed that he has signed on to be an ambassador for the Alpine Formula 1 team, pointing out that there was a clause allowing him to return to football stadiums.

“I have signed on to be an ambassador for the Alpine team, which is actively involved in Formula 1 racing,” Zidane said in a statement to Le Figaro newspaper.

He added: “We have an agreement in the contract that if I get an offer to work as a coach in a football club, there will be no conflict in this matter.”

He continued, “At the moment I have time, but I don’t know how long I will be free. I am expecting an offer next July and it may come sooner.”

The Frenchman noted: “I agreed to Albin’s proposal because I want to be busy. There is work, but there is also something that I have not done yet.

Zinedine Zidane has not trained since the end of his second term at Real Madrid in the summer of 2021.

Zidane defends a project that empowers children who want to become engineers and mechanics in the closed environment of Formula 1: “The most interesting thing about this project is to enable these children. Formula 1 is a sport that everyone decides.”

Zidane said: “I started to encourage the Brazilian Ayrton Senna and since then I have loved Formula 1. It’s nice to see a beautiful car. This is not available to everyone. We only have 20 riders.”

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