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Syrian League matches’ fan attendance controversy resolved by Engineering Committee

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Following the devastating earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey, the Syrian Football Association banned fans from attending matches in the stands and clubs demanded their return due to financial difficulties.

An engineering committee tasked with inspecting stadiums and halls put an end to all controversy surrounding fans attending Syrian Football League matches after submitting its report to the General Sports Federation on Tuesday.

In its report, the committee confirmed that many stadiums and halls are unsafe and therefore the masses do not agree to attend matches.

Firas Mualla, President of the General Sports Federation, commented on the decision of the Engineering Committee to the media, saying: “The safety of the masses is more important than their presence in the stadiums. We are interested in the masses visiting and following their teams directly. , but our concern for the safety of everyone is certainly greater.”

He added: “It’s a matter of public safety and it’s unfortunate that some are trying to fix positions on the ban decision and it’s sad and when the season is over there will be the necessary building work to ensure that all of our halls and stadiums are in full readiness for start of the new season.

Source: agencies

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