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Taliban says exclusion from Afghanistan meetings only worsens issues instead of resolving them

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The Taliban’s spokesman to the UN, Muhammad Suheil Shaheen, confirmed that any meeting on Afghanistan without the present interim Afghan government “will not help solve the problems, but rather complicate them.”

Statements by the head of the political bureau of the movement in the capital of Qatar, Doha, were received by the Xinhua news agency today, Saturday, ahead of the upcoming international meeting on Afghanistan in Doha, in which the Taliban are not participating.

He stated: “Any meeting on Afghanistan without the participation of the delegation of the current Afghan government is unproductive and does not help solve problems, but complicates them.”

Shahin added that the current interim government of Afghanistan has the right to be heard at meetings and forums related to the solution of topical issues in Afghanistan.

He continued by saying, “In such meetings, although we hear their voices, they must also hear ours, and for this reason our presence is necessary.”

Asked if the Taliban government was ready for any settlement if the international community offered to recognize it in exchange for changing its government or on issues related to the work of women and other contentious issues, he replied that it was necessary for all parties at first continue to engage with the current Afghan government to understand the issues and know how to move forward.

Source: Xinhua

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