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Testing of Russia’s first unmanned inclined motor has begun

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Moscow, February 15 – Bench tests of the first cargo-transporting unmanned tiltrotor with a “smart” wing, vertical take-off and landing and autopilot have begun in Russia, the News Agency told in the press service of the NTI Project Support Fund.
“Tests of the Vezdelet project seats, an experimental vehicle capable of carrying up to 50 kilograms of cargo, have begun, and tests are taking place at the TsAGI Technopark site. During the test program, we will work on an automated control system and the ability to take off and land offline, ”said the CEO. To the company – the manufacturer of M-Industries tiltrotor, Mikhail Lipatov, whose words are quoted in the letter.
He stressed that a prototype of the device is expected to be created by the summer, and flight tests are scheduled for the fall.
The press service noted that the unmanned inclined engine with vertical takeoff and landing has a higher level of safety due to the variable geometry of the wing during takeoff and landing and is equipped with an autopilot. It will fly at speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour and carry up to 50 kilograms of cargo. The device will be able to spend at least 1.5 hours in the air when fully loaded. The maximum flight altitude is 4000 meters. According to the designers’ conception, the inclined engine will be equipped with 8 electric drive units, the average service life is higher than that of gasoline engines, and two spoilers.
During takeoff and landing, as well as during flight, the drone’s propellers are located vertically, and it is supported in the air due to the thrust of the propellers. When switching to airplane mode, they rotate horizontally, and the device is supported in the air due to the lifting force that occurs on the wing and walls of the propellers. Control is carried out by means of wing mechanization deflection: in take-off (landing) modes, the wing folds and unfolds to a safe height.

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