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Testing the robot Marker under the influence of missile and light weaponry.

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Warren Henry
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Evgeny Dodorov, CEO of the Russian company Android Technology, said that the use of robots saves many lives.

Dodorov said in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS that the company’s specialists are testing the Marker robot for the use of various types of weapons, including missiles.

According to him, “work is underway to determine the technology for using robots to carry light weapons, grenade launchers and Kornet anti-tank missiles to counter enemy forces.”

According to him, the use of missile systems similar to the Kornet missile will save many lives.

And he says: “Thus, we can seriously advance in technology and alienate our units from enemy forces. As for the robot, it can work close to the enemy. Also, if there is a counterattack, then the technique, not the people, will be affected.”

It should be noted that Kornet missiles are anti-tank guided missiles and armored vehicles, including those equipped with modern dynamic means. The firing range is from 100 to 5.5 thousand meters during the day and up to 3.5 thousand meters at night.

Source: TASS

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