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The Al-Hilal Star Opens Fire on Referee in AFC Champions League Match: Controversial Post-Match Statements

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Al-Hilal Star Criticizes Referee’s Performance in AFC Champions League Match


In a recent match between Saudi Al-Hilal and Uzbek Navbahor in the AFC Champions League, the star player of Al-Hilal expressed his frustration with the referee’s performance. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, with Al-Hilal earning one point and finishing second in their group.

Group Standings

The tournament’s fourth group consists of Al-Hilal, Mazandaran Weavers, Navbahor, and Mumbai City. After the first round, Nasaji is leading the group with 3 points, followed by Al-Hilal and Navbahor with one point each. Mumbai City is currently without any points.

Player’s Criticism

Michel Delgado, a prominent player for Al-Hilal, voiced his dissatisfaction with the referee’s decisions in the post-match statements. He criticized the referee for allowing the opposing team to waste time without taking any action. Delgado also expressed concern that other teams in the tournament might adopt similar tactics in the future.

Delgado emphasized that his actions are driven by his desire to benefit his team and that he will continue working with his coach, Jesus, to find solutions to such challenges.


The incident highlights the importance of fair refereeing in sports competitions and the impact it can have on players and teams. Al-Hilal will need to regroup and strategize for their upcoming matches in the AFC Champions League.

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