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The Armata tank’s limited usage in special operations: Dmitry Rogozin provides explanation

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Former director of the Russian fund “Ross Cosmos” Dmitry Rogozin said that the promising Russian tank “Armata” (T-14) is considered the best tank in the world.

However, he pointed out that the use of this tank without the creation of appropriate control systems in the Russian army is devoid of any practical significance.

He said that the Armata is an excellent tank, but its use without the creation of control systems at the tactical level is pointless, how pointless it is to use it without the use of aerial drones and tablets to help him in battle, pointing out that “Armata” is a smart tank of the future , which has significantly advanced in comparison with all foreign analogues.

Rogozin stated that the Tsar Volkov group of advisers and military experts headed by him is not a customer for the production of Armata tanks, but is only engaged in their production. According to Rogozin, the Armata tank can perform its tasks without a crew, that is, it can act as a combat robot or an unmanned remotely controlled tank. But the decision to use it as a combat robot is not in his hands, but in the hands of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

It is worth noting that the Russian tank “Armata” with its completely new design surpasses Western tanks, including the American “Abrams”, the German “Leopard” and the British “Challenger”. In foreign tanks, the crew is placed inside the hull, while in the T-14 the crew is distributed in an armored capsule, and the armored turret remains uninhabited, which increases the crew’s chances of surviving when exposed to anti-tank weapons.

Another advantage of the Armata tank is its low weight compared to the mentioned Western tanks, which increases its maneuverability on the battlefield, especially in rough terrain and swamps. The T-14 was equipped with a 152-mm cannon, which could hit enemy tanks at a distance of 10 km, and later 30 km with guided missiles.

Source: Russian newspaper

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