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The CEO of Square Enix has Stated that The Company Intends to Release Blockchain Games During the Following Fiscal Year

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Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix, announced that the firm would introduce its new blockchain games in FY23/24.


The declaration comes after Forspoken, the most recent game from Square Enix, received a poor rating. The performance of the game was labeled as “lackluster.” Despite the underwhelming performance, Square Enix is still optimistic that their blockchain games will be more successful.

The data was obtained from a Financial Results Briefing released today but originally appeared on February 3, 2023. Yosuke Matsuda was asked about Square Enix’s anticipated growth for FY2024/3 during a Q&A session, and he replied:

Significant title launches will be wider than FY2024/3, according to the statement. We have set up our pipeline so that new releases will be evenly distributed in FY2025/3 and later. Also, we hope you’ll eagerly anticipate the blockchain games we want to release in FY2024/3 and later.

In the past, many game firms have investigated NFT and blockchain technologies; Ubisoft was the most open about their NFT research and subsequent failures. The first significant announcement for publishers looking into NFT technology was Ubisoft Quartz, which was made in early 2022. Yet, that notion seemed to fade after Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s initial NFT release.

Uncertainty surrounds Square Enix’s strategy for using blockchain and NFTs. But it doesn’t look like the concept will vanish any time soon. While developing his own NFT-related game called Deadrop, Dr. Disrespect recently referred to NFT opponents as “brain-dead headline followers” for not seeing the potential of blockchain technology.

Will blockchain and NFT technology ever be used in gaming?

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