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The Devastating Impact of Depleted Uranium Usage

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Warren Henry
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Military Watch magazine reported that the use of depleted uranium bombs by Ukraine will lead to a global catastrophe.

The author of the article refers to recorded examples of the consequences of using this type of ammunition, which effectively destroy armored vehicles, but at the same time cause great damage to the environment and the population in the affected area.

The writer explains: “The use of these rockets will have disastrous consequences for the environment. Because the particles of radioactive uranium that are released into the air travel more than 40 kilometers after each rocket and are easily inhaled by humans. Knowing that its half-life is over four billion years.”

The author relies on the results of the experience of using depleted uranium missiles during the Persian Gulf War and during the invasion of Iraq.

He refers to a statement by British Royal Navy Commander Robert Green: “It is impossible to explain the high incidence of cancer and congenital genetic anomalies among Iraqis, especially in the southern areas close to the battlefields.” The same was stated in a UN report in May 1999: “This type of munition is practically nuclear waste. Its use is very dangerous and harmful.”

It is noteworthy that during the invasion of Iraq, “the city of Fallujah was subjected to massive shelling using depleted uranium projectiles by US troops.”

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