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The Fellowship of the Ring: Uncovering a Hidden Anecdote About Frodo and Legolas

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Mary McNally
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A well-hidden anecdote in the film The Fellowship of the Ring

When you watch the trilogy The Lord of the Rings, directed by Peter Jackson, you might notice something interesting about the character Frodo. Despite his small stature, Frodo displays remarkable courage throughout the films. In fact, he takes on the daunting task of destroying the One Ring, showing immense bravery during the Council of Elrond. Frodo is not alone in his journey; he has the unwavering support of a group of heroes who are willing to sacrifice their lives for his cause. This unity and support among the characters is heartwarming to witness.

However, upon closer observation of the films, there is another intriguing aspect. During the Council of Elrond scene, some members of the Fellowship of the Ring express reservations or have only brief interactions with Frodo. Surprisingly, one of these characters is Legolas, who travels alongside Frodo for the initial part of the trilogy. It is astonishing to realize that Frodo and Legolas have minimal interaction throughout the twelve hours of the films.

A line of dialogue is anything that literally connects Frodo and Legolas

“And my bow is yours.” This single line of dialogue is the only connection between Frodo and Legolas throughout the entire twelve-hour epic adventure. If you carefully analyze each sequence of the trilogy, you will realize that this is the only significant interaction between the two characters. This fact becomes even more interesting when compared to the relationships between Frodo and other members of the Fellowship, such as Aragorn and Gimli.

Although it may be challenging to discover this specific element within the trilogy, it is easier to explain it logically. Those familiar with the story’s progression know that Frodo and Legolas quickly separate paths. While one heads towards the South, the other travels to Rohan with his new companions. Therefore, the two characters evolve independently and only reunite at the very end of Jackson’s work. This explains why Frodo and Legolas have only a single interaction on screen.

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