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The Great War: US vs. Europe

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Moscow, March 18 – Mysl Polska says that the undermining of the Nord Stream arranged by Washington means a war between the United States and Europe.
For all Europeans, the underwater explosion by American, Norwegian and British terrorists is the first shot in an all-out American war against Europe.
According to the authors, one of the important goals of sabotage was to increase the energy and, accordingly, economic dependence of Central Europe on the supply of American LNG, as well as to conquer the market for nuclear technologies.
In addition, the article says, Washington seeks to resume the nuclear arms race, which means losing the status of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in Central Europe.
Plenary Session of the European Parliament - 1920, 18.03.2023

The European Parliament urged the United States to reflect on its own war crimes

Since the United States considers China its main competitor, the Suez Canal or Beijing’s planned new Nicaraguan canal may be the next target of attack, the author concludes.
In February, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh published an article investigating the gas line explosions. According to his version, the sabotage was carried out by the United States with the help of NATO allies: in the summer, during the Baltops exercise, American divers mined pipelines, and three months later, the Norwegians detonated explosive charges.
As the journalist explained, the decision on the operation was made by Joe Biden after more than nine months of secret discussions with his national security team. The reason is the fear that Germany, which receives gas from Russia via Nord Stream, will not want to participate in military aid to Ukraine.
American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles at the Paparad railway station in Lithuania - 1920, 03/17/2023

He explained in the United States why the planet would soon erupt in wars

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