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The Investigative Committee is investigating the preparation of a new radiological provocation in Ukraine

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Moscow, February 20 – Russian investigators will determine the circumstances of Kiev’s preparation for a provocation in order to accuse Russia of strikes on radiation-hazardous objects in Ukraine, according to the Telegram channel of the Radio Frequency Investigation Committee.
The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that containers with radioactive materials were delivered from Europe to Ukraine as a provocation in order to accuse the Russian armed forces. According to the agency, the Kiev regime, before the start of the eleventh emergency special session of the UN General Assembly, continues to prepare a large-scale provocation to accuse the Russian Federation of alleged “gross violation” of the nuclear weapons agreement. safety.
“Investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will establish the circumstances under which Kiev prepared for a large-scale provocation in one of the regions under its control in order to accuse Russia of indiscriminate strikes on radiation-hazardous materials in Ukraine… The Investigative Committee within the framework of the investigation of the criminal case will establish all the circumstances and give it a criminal assessment legally,” according to the letter.

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