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The post-summit violence made Netanyahu’s balance more difficult

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The US-brokered summit is barely over with It pledges to quell the violence and slow down Israeli settlement in The occupied West Bank when it is Palestinian homes He was set Set on fire by Jewish settlers in Revenge of a deadly Palestinian gun Trap.

Hopes for calming effect of the meeting hosted from Jordan in Red Sea port of Aqaba, attended by high-ranking Israeli and Palestinian security officials, fizzled out further when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disavowed any notion of of settlement stop-building.

The Aqaba Agreement was born deadRead the title in The largest Palestinian daily newspaper, Al-Quds, following the screenshots on social media show up young The settlers pray as they watch the bonfires in near the Palestinian village of Hawara, just hours After shooting two brothers from a nearby settlement dead in they car there.

On Monday, another Palestinian suspected of shooting was shot attack in Serious injury in the West Bank one person, emergency services said.

the events cast doubt on Netanyahu ability to walk Diplomatic tightrope between Washington – pressure for permanent compromise – and his own government that includes hard- The settlers demand strict action against Palestinian attacks.

Less than a month ago, the US Secretary of State Anthony blink what in Jerusalem confirms the United States support for The two-state solution: independence for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, which they say will be incompatible with Israeli settlements.

If Netanyahu now lets the violence escalate out of Control it would be another bigger resource of friction with White House, said Amotz Asa-El, prof research Fellow at Shalom Hartman research institute.

“If something happens like What happened? last Night resumes and gives Washington reason On suspicion that Netanyahu is incompetent in “They dealt with him very clearly,” Asael said, adding that the White House had applied pressure on Israeli leaders before.

“it’s snowing in his interest show It’s clamping down on This type of settler violence.”

A US State Department spokesperson condemned no killing of Two Israelis and settlers’ agitation, in any one Palestinian martyred more out of 100 wounded. The spokesman stressed the need for immediate de-escalation of tensions in words and deeds.”

But shortly after a joint statement by the US State Department said Israel had committed to halting approval new settlement units for Four months later, Netanyahu said settlement construction would continue on as planned.

“There is not and there will be no freeze,” he wrote on Twitter. in A clear reference to his hard line partners.

pro-settlement parties

The Palestinians, worried since the Israeli elections on November 1, when Netanyahu started building for him coalition government with The pro-settler ultra-nationalist parties – Jewish power and religious Zionism – are looking to Washington to rein them in. in.

“The American administration that sponsors this government is all these crimes,” the spokesperson said. for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Itamar bin Juffair national protection minister who The heads of the Jewish power, holding a special A faction meeting at a scheduled outpost for Evacuation because it was built without any government Allow.

Palestinian politician analyst George Giacaman predicted more Henf. “the main battle it will be with settlers.”

In order for the Aqaba agreements to be effective need a follow-up said Daniel A. Shapiro former The American envoy to Israel and now a senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Research Center. Sunday eventsHe said, showing that there is “a risk that pace of The deterioration will outpace diplomatic efforts to reverse it.”

However, Netanyahu’s maneuvering room appears to be shrinking – Ben Gvir already They issued political threats, while religious Zionist leader and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich last A week he consolidated his civil powers in Western Bank.

To the extent that with Netanyahu new coalition just Eight weeks of Israeli political commentators already They ask if veteran A politician can pull it together.

“One can look at the Aqaba Summit as an example: the Americans announced that Israel promised to freeze settlement construction, which Netanyahu then denies. At those very moments, the Minister of Jewish Power and Religious Zionism attack summit and say it is non-binding,” Moran Azoulay wrote, of Israeli Ynet news location.

“eve of In the elections, Netanyahu was pondering what legacy he would have when he was re-elected prime minister. At the moment it looks chaotic and disjointed.”

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