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The President of Moldova has sworn in the new Prime Minister

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Chisinau, February 16 – Moldovan President Maia Sandu has been sworn in as new Prime Minister Doreen Resin and members of his cabinet, according to a the News Agency correspondent.
The Parliament of Moldova approved in Thursday’s session, with the votes of 62 deputies, a new government headed by former Interior Minister Doreen Reshan. Together with him, a team of ministers was automatically approved.
“I swear to abide by the constitution and laws of Moldova and to defend democracy, basic human rights, sovereignty and integrity of the country,” Regin said during a ceremonial ceremony held at the presidential palace in Chisinau.
Along with Reshan, all members of his cabinet, as well as the head of Gagauzia’s autonomy, Irina Flach, who is also a member of the government, took the oath.
The former Prime Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilitsa, announced her resignation on February 10.
In 2010-2012, Rishan held the position of Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology, then he held the position of Minister of Interior until 2015. In 2016-2022, he worked in several international organizations as a consultant in the field of data and information analysis. Since February 2022, Rashan has held the position of Advisor to the President on Defense and National Security and Secretary of the Supreme Security Council.

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