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The Quietest Dog Breed According to the Gynecologist

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Moscow, March 5 – The dog’s desire to communicate with barking in any appropriate situation indicates the need to correct its behavior, and the “loudness” of the pet as a whole is determined by its upbringing, but there are many breeds that future dog breeders should take into account, said Vladimir Golubev, head of the federation The Russian Federation for Pathology (RKF), told the News Agency, a closer look at whether they were particularly concerned that the animal could be noisy and bark incessantly.
“The behavior of a dog, of course, depends on education. Even the most sociable and restless dog can behave modestly and politely in the hands of a skilled dog breeder. However, there are breeds of dogs whose barking is rather a rarity. For those who love peace and quiet, You can take a closer look at these pets, ”said Golubev.
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He called one of these breeds the basenji. The dog handler said that its representatives practically do not bark, but they communicate with each other and with people, using growls, sighs, grunts and sounds resembling choking laughter or quiet grunts. According to him, representatives of this breed are very active and have a strong hunting instinct, therefore, despite the modesty of the house, they will be very active on the street. Golubev noted that before acquiring such a pet, you need to calculate your strength.
Another noble and calm dog might be the Deerhound or the Scottish Deerhound. The therapist added that these smart and patient dogs love children and will not bark for any reason. However, the Deerhound has a strong hunting instinct, and while remaining calm at home, it can be a keen hunter in the woods and on the street. At the same time, the head of the RKF said that they adapt well to training and will be excellent companions.
“A wonderful hunter and friend. These are relatively calm, completely non-aggressive animals, and it is very difficult to provoke them to bark. It should be borne in mind that these animals must be allowed to walk, not forgetting about hunting instincts. It is important to walk a lot and train with a pet “- Tamayouz Golubev with another breed – the Russian greyhound.
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For those who don’t want a dog to wake up barking or bothering themselves with every minute demands for affection and attention, you can also take a closer look at the greyhound. The dog trainer confirmed that these elegant, silent, and independent animals were bred to participate in dog races and to hunt small game without a gun. Representatives of this breed, according to him, prefer silence and solitude, interrupting them only with the desire to chase game.
Additionally, greyhounds that were bred for hunting and running field game would also be a suitable breed for hush-lovers. Golubev said that these are good and at the same time reckless hunters who can show patience and delicacy when necessary. He noticed that such animals only settle down at a conscious age.
At the same time, a dog trainer noted that all of the above dogs, with the exception of the basenji, are very difficult to keep in an apartment because of their activity and size. In addition, be warned that any dog ​​requires attention and education, and even the most non-barking pets need training.
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